We act for employers and employees in contentious and non-contentious employment matters including: –

Claims for Unfair Dismissal.

Grievances & Disciplinary Action.

Settlement Agreements.

Post employment restrictions.

Drafting of Contracts of Employment, Handbooks and Policy Documentation.

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Recent successful cases have included acting for: 

  • Senior executive employee on harassment & bullying of them by a director of a City organisation.
  • Employee faced with attempt to force them to relocate from one jurisdiction to another in breach of contract.
  • Employee who had been summarily dismissed for breach of IT policy (sending e-mails from work to private e-mail address) and threatened claim for injunction and breach of confidence from employer.
  • Employer who dismissed employee who threatened to breach employer’s copyright in a translation of an academic text on which the employee had worked.
  • Employee unfairly dismissed by City firm of accountants on competency grounds.
  • Employee who resisted attempts by worldwide Bank City to unfairly dismiss them for redundancy.
  • Anxious employee whom we advised against resigning and claiming constructive dismissal, which gave client the clarity and resolution they wanted.
  • Employee/consultant in dispute over post-employment covenants.
  • Employee in renegotiating more favourable terms when being made redundant.
  • Anxious client through complex disciplinary and grievance process to favourable resolution.
  • Former employee in their claim for unpaid commission on introductions of capital investors to film production company.
  • Employee dismissed on grounds of redundancy from large estate agents and re-negotiating Settlement Agreement.
  • Finance Director of large IT company in dispute over re-organisation of business and risk to them of loss of authority and influence.
  • Employee in complex unfair dismissal claim against major international organisation based on the USA.
  • Senior Tax Accountant in complex unfair dismissal claim.
  • Senior Manager of private hospital in unfair dismissal/disciplinary process where employee had been discriminated on grounds of race.
  • Senior Project Manager in sham redundancy process aimed at getting them out of an international IT company.
  • Assistant Director of Children’s Services in local authority who was 2 years from retirement and was facing an attempt by their new Senior Director to unfairly discipline them out – the employment relationship was maintained because of the advice given and their pension rights were consequently preserved.
  • Employee facing attempt to force them out of employment by increasing their 3-day working week to 5-day in a sham re-organisation of business.
  • Charity with religious objectives and global footprint based in the UK in all employment matters including drafting contracts, employee handbook, policies, termination decisions, claims to protect confidence and claims to restrain passing off and copyright infringement by former employees.
  • Senior executive of USA corporation with operation in the UK in complex redundancy where governing law of contract of employment and consequent rights and obligations were unclear.
  • Firm of solicitors in constructive dismissal claim by former non-performing fee-earner.
  • Vice President of major international bank in high value Settlement Agreement with complex post-employment restrictions.
  • UK operation of Far Eastern based organisation in complex dismissal of non-performing senior executive.
  • Longstanding employee in complex dismissal on grounds of sickness.
  • Partner retiring from major LLP seeking to set up new firm with former colleagues on risk of claims by the LLP for breaches of covenants restricting competition and enticement of former employees.
  • LLP on claims by retiring employees for repayment of salary which had been deferred under firm’s bonus incentive scheme.
  • Prospective employee/investor on proposed Shareholders Agreement and Employment Contract under which they would become minority shareholder and major contributor as manager of catering business owned by internationally based professional investors.
  • Senior medical professional in complex case where they were facing an investigation into alleged poor performance which had been caused by harassment and bullying from line manager/senior consultant.